Frozen Yogurt Packaging
Just Friends

Making Cool Conversation


Several large brands have the ice cream section in German supermarkets licked. We were asked to come up with a strategy to convince supermarket buyers to include a young startup frozen yogurt brand on their shelves.


While ice cream is popular in Germany, frozen yogurt was still largely unknown. Our packaging would need to convince shoppers to take the plunge and try something exotically different than their usual frozen indulgence. One benefit would be that frozen yogurt is perceived as being a healthier alternative to ice cream.


We started with a new name. We needed something that would transport the contradiction of choosing frozen yogurt because it’s the less indulgent choice, but in the end you love it so much that you scarf it down anyway. We chose the name "Just Friends" with the implication that when people say they are just friends, chances are there is something more going on.

We then developed this idea further by having the yogurt packaging literally engage with the consumer through speech bubbles. It introduced itself and discussed its ingredients. The idea could also be easily adapted to advertising materials and other products.


In a very tough market, our branding and packaging prototypes got the young startup into the product catalogues of several large supermarket chains.