MedTracker and BrandTracker
Atlantic Zeiser

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All


The security printing specialist Atlantic Zeiser had developed a powerful new product identification system that protects against counterfeits, especially in the pharmaceutical and luxury item sectors. They needed a communication strategy that would make this complex technology easy to understand to potential international customers in these diverse markets.


Our high-tech clients often develop a game-changing solution, the complexity of which makes it difficult to sell. Our job is to effectively communicate its function and benefits to busy decision makers who might lack a technical background. This typically means that our team explores the requisite scientific or technical details so that we can develop infographics, animations and other communication strategies that reduce complexity. But in this case it meant something more. The product’s obscure acronym-based name and the fact that there were markets with very different implementations of the technology made it a much more difficult task. We recommended a rebranding.


Our first step was to separate the product into two sub-brands based on the industry sectors they would be marketed to. MedTracker was developed for the pharmaceutical industry, which was driven by government regulations to protect consumers from the hazards of counterfeit medicines. BrandTracker was for high-ticket items like cosmetics. In this case, the problem of counterfeit products remained largely the concern of the companies that produced them.

We developed a simplified iconographic illustration style that would be used for animated product explanations, printed brochures, customized presentations and trade show graphics. This maintained the understated seriousness of the parent company identity while creating an individualized visual style to engage customers and increase brand recognition. These materials were localized into several languages for use by the international sales and distribution channels.


Since the launch of the rebranded campaign, MedTracker and BrandTracker have become two of the fastest growing product lines of the company.