Smoke Detector Day
Fire Prevention Forum

Turning Bad Luck Good


After so many years of running a public awareness campaign for smoke detectors, it can be a challenge to keep it fresh. Seven years in, we were looking for a new way to make the topic emotionally compelling and continuously relevant.


We established the German Smoke Detector Day, which always happens on a Friday the 13th. The idea is that Friday the 13th, which is usually considered unlucky, will become your lucky day if you buy a smoke detector. Every year we create a new poster and other materials like a viral video for the campaign.

As with our previous efforts in this area, materials are disseminated nationwide on the ground level through local fire departments.


The campaign has become increasingly popular with our promoters and now we can hardly keep up with supplying them with requested promotion materials. Also our work with the German press has now functioned so well that they contact us to request material. In 2014 media coverage reached 43 million.