Ampelini App

Big Safety, Small Screens


The Ampelini website dedicated to children’s safety had been going strong for 6 years. Although it was still popular, it was Flash-based and didn't work on mobile devices. We had already created a reduced mobile app version of the website, but together with our client, we decided it was time to create something specifically designed to take advantage of the new touch screen interface that kids love to use. It was time for an "Ampelini Reloaded."


Since our audience is young pre-readers, the app, like the website would have to function without text. It had to be simple but with enough surprises to keep our young audience coming back for more. It also had to find the right mix of safety and fun.


We created a giant "Wimmelbild" or busy city scene. As children swipe through this world, they discover lots of quirky characters. A tap on one of these characters then brings a funny surprise or little story. The content is a good mix of safety and fun, and guarantees to keep tots entertained while they learn. The first German language version is available in the German app store starting in October 2014. A second version in German and English is planned for early 2015.